Department of Geomatics Engineering and Land Management

Mission Statement

To be the premier institution for the advancement of professionals in the research, development, and innovation in geomatics, spatial analysis, and planning in support of sustainable management of land and marine resources in the Caribbean.

What is GIS


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GIS and mapping tools are incorporated into many and varying sectors. They include Public Land Management, Marine Cadastre, Medical demographics, property Management and Geodesy.



The Department incorporates GPS Technology for Geodetic Engineering, Land Surveying, GIS Mapping for Land and Marine based applications. .


Land Surveying is the general term used to refer to several sub-disciplines, including: Geodetic surveying – the theoretical basis and the control framework for all other surveys. Topographical surveying – mapping of the physical and cultural features on the earth's surface.


The MSc in Urban and Regional Planning programme is driven by the need to produce a cadre of planning professionals with a tailored education and training in Caribbean planning issues, which are distinct from other regions of the world by virtue of population dynamics, economic evolution, social problems and unique physical environment. The programme focuses on the evolution of theoretical perspectives on planning, especially with a developing country planning epistemology. It aims to equip the graduate with the knowledge associated with policy planning, strategic and development planning, physical planning and design, as well as development control in areas of development relevant to the Caribbean region.

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In partnership with the Government of Mexico. Strengenthening Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Caribbean.

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